A Merry Little Christmas Tree


Let me begin this belated Christmas post by setting the record straight: It is still technically the Christmas season! Though my mother is notorious in our family for kicking our tree to the curb every year on Christmas (once presents have been opened, of course) and my father packs up the lights shortly thereafter, the Christmas season continues well into January and formally concludes in the middle of the month.

That said, I’ve had every intention of posting a few snapshots of my Christmas decor since Advent began, but naturally, the month of December has been a whirlwind! My cousin Kaitlyn paid a visit to Chicago right after Thanksgiving, and I celebrated my twenty-third birthday on December 21 by flying home to for the holidays! But in the midst of the chaos of end-of-year reports at work and the frenzy of Christmas shopping (at the very last minute, of course), it was refreshing to retire for the evening to the fresh, fragrant scent of my two wreaths and my small tree!

I picked up my tree at The Home Depot on a terribly snowy day. Being a Floridian, I marveled at the flakes accumulating on the trees–there is something to be said about wintertime in a climate that experiences true seasons! I purchased my tabletop wreath at a Trader Joe’s, along with a bouquet of simple white flowers. I intended to purchase small purple and pink candles to fashion an Advent wreath, but settled for small white lights. The Diptyque candle is a standby in my apartment; the Genevrier scent gives my living room and kitchen a fresh aroma.


I hung two miniature stockings from Target on my coat rack next to my apron from Anthropologie, and I decked the tree with garland and cloth ornaments (both on sale, best of all) from The Land of Nod. Finally, I hung another beautiful wreath with a big red bow that mother sent from L.L.Bean on my bedroom door.

And best of all, I returned home just in time to celebrate Christmas in true Florida fashion–in a sundress, under the sun, and outside!



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